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PostPosted: Tue Jun 24, 2014 11:26 am 
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Thanks guys! I'm hanging in there. I haven't heard anything about when my start date is yet because they aren't open on the weekends but I'm going to do my best to get a hold of that lady in Massachusetts tomorrow and get this ball rolling because we're losing money and time to get me trained. I have to train in Kellyville, OK for a little over two weeks in a couple of months to learn how to handle a truck in certain conditions. My boss said that he's going to get me trained here and rent a truck for me to take my CDL test in.

The worst symptom that I've been dealing with is a complete lack of energy. Today, I couldn't do anything. My wife wanted to cut the grass and she knows nothing about how to cut grass. I got up and cut the front but was interrupted because she wanted to clean out her car and had it parked on the side of the house in the lawn. So I went to the store and when I got back she had half of the back yard cut and never even knew that the mower was self propelled, so she cut it all by just pushing it. She comes up all sweaty and says, "I don't know how you can cut all of our grass and then help the neighbor with his. I can hardly cut half of ours!" After I told her about the self propelled part, she just laughed and went in the house. It was funny. I'm just hurting all over and have absolutely 0 energy to do anything. But I'm not going to give in. Im going to stay strong.

Kellyville sucks. I've met several people that trained there for Schlumberger though, and they liked it. I hope the job works out and you make it down here. If you do, find yourself something to do in Tulsa, it's the only place around with anything interesting to do. I live in Tulsa but work 50 miles away for that reason :D . Opiate addictions are terrible, but you can recover. You have to force yourself to do some things to keep your spirits up and your mind active away from the pain, the rest is your resolve to get better. Best of luck to you in the future

PostPosted: Tue Jun 24, 2014 12:09 pm 

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Rob, so sorry to hear that you are going through this. You and your family are in my prayers. I do hope that it all works out with this new job, I really do. I'm sure that money would really help you guys out a ton and you wouldn't have to live paycheck to paycheck anymore.

Addictions are tough, I can't really speak much on breaking them but I grew up with an alcoholic father so I know first hand the effects that it can have on others. Certain pills are just as bad if not worse than alcohol.

Just remember that everything that you are going through right now is for your wife and those little ones. That will help to keep you on track.

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 28, 2014 10:09 pm 
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Well guys, after all of the work, effort, and personal anguish that I had to put myself through to try to get this job I got a call yesterday from the guy that interviewed me and he basically told me that I start next week! I had y'all going there for a second... Yeah he told me that that facility in MA FINALLY cleared me to start and he said that he would let me know ASAP when my start date is. That was a huge weight off of my shoulders. I passed all of their tests and filled out novel sized stacks of paperwork and have drug myself through the coals and I honestly feel like this is going to be the start of the career that I want for the rest of my life. Thank you all again for all of your words of encouragement and support! I've got alot of good people that have my back. I can't wait to get started!

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 28, 2014 11:46 pm 
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Sweet! Congrats Rob.

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 29, 2014 8:33 am 
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 29, 2014 8:57 am 
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Hot damn! Congrats man! :supz:

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