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PostPosted: Wed Dec 07, 2016 6:53 am 

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like i said i just finished my swap into my 89 mirage turbo. i used the existing fwd turbo tranny with a new clutch and fidanza lightened fwd flywheel. started up the car and it wouldnt go into gear. I attempted to bleed the system and adjust the master cylinder rod at which point i had technical difficulties which resulted in me replacing the master cylinder and slave cylinder with new units. I also replaced the existing clutch line with a braided stainless steel line. Re-bled the system and adjusted accordingly. With the car running it wont even attempt to grind a gear just wont go into gear. when the clutch is depressed the slave is indeed pushing the fork.

I pulled the tranny to inspect if maybe i installed the disc backwards. In fact i didn't. and the pivot ball, clutch fork and throwout bearing all look to be fine.

I dont know what else it could be? My friend said something about pulling off the flywheel and making sure that i had removed some washer/ring that is on the crank (flex plate spacer) I havent done that but thats only an issue if the motor was from an automatic, which it was not.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 07, 2016 9:32 am 
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clutch problems traditionally difficult to diagnose on paper. years back a local pulled the tranny a staggering eleven times before figuring it out. all the time he was on forum thread listening to advice. in the end he heeded to shim the clutch ball. fork was moving but contacting inside of trans. you can check by having someone depress clutch while looking through square hole.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 12, 2017 2:29 am 

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From what I've found messing with fwd cars is that while your 'trying' to get the trans up and in, the input shaft doesn't make it in the disc enough to align it in through the flywheel to pilot bushing and usually while your grunting and trying to get a better grip the trans gets let down a bit, the input gets angled and pushes the disc over to one side, over powering the grip of the clutch and mis-aligning the hole and jamming it.
I've seen peeps get it 'so-close' that they think that just popping the bolts in and tightening them will bring it together and it will all be rainbows and bunny rabbits.. All to bust an ear off or crack the trans case.

Pull the trans again, get your alignment tool back in and see if it just slides in or it gets jammed also.
Check the end of the input or Pilot end of shaft. Is there a burr on it? If so, file it off smooth.

Just my .02

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