1G DSM transfer case bearings/seal part numbers.
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Author:  mitsubishikid [ Mon Feb 20, 2017 9:39 pm ]
Post subject:  1G DSM transfer case bearings/seal part numbers.

I happen to have a blown 1g dsm awd transfer case... the previous owner of my Colt gave it to me, so I decided to rebuild it as a backup unit.

After tearing into it I discovered that the Tcase was in better shape then I expected apparently the bearings are wasted but the housing and gears are still use-able :D
as I tore it down I started to see bearing part numbers on the cups and bearings, so I decided to write them all down, and share them with members, just in case you want to order everything in advance to do the job.
Imagescreen capture

Above is a Mitsu CAPS image I'll use for reference.

[Number in picture above to reference location] [part number you might be able to cross at auto parts stores] [OEM #]
30461------------------------------------------------- # on bearing[LM67048]# on bearing cup [LM67010][OEM # MD717511]
30453-------------------------------------------------[32010XJ] [OEM # MD723636]
30307-------------------------------------------------[32009J] [OEM # MD718322]
30454-------------------------------------------------[32008XST] [OEM # MR967457 or MD718323]

You might be able to use these numbers to get after-market bearings from Koyo, national, etc.

Front oil seal on T case part numbers [Duralast # 1981] [SKF 11592] [TIMKEN 223014] OEM # MD723202 or MD703735

Rear oil seal, to drive shaft, part numbers [NOK AH1895E], [SKF 12736], Oem # MD701430 or MD701782

I got all the after market equivalent of these, unfortunately some National bearings are made in China[what isn't these days ], and it's hit or miss if you get ones made in, Japan, Germany, USA, Israel, etc.

Author:  mitsubishikid [ Wed Feb 22, 2017 1:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 1G DSM transfer case bearings/seal part numbers.

I went to AutoZone and crossed the part numbers, these should interchange with most other auto parts stores.

CAPS Image number. AutoZone cross reference numbers/ Brand/part numbers
30461------------------------------------ National [A-6] Duralast [SET6]
30453------------------------------------ Duralast [32010X]
30307------------------------------------ Duralast [32009XM]
30454------------------------------------ Duralast [32008XM]

Front oil seal,on T case ---------------- Duralast [1981]
Rear oil seal, to drive shaft------------ Duralast [223240] or [710317] I'm gonna find out which works soon enough.

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