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 Post subject: July Ride of the Month!
PostPosted: Tue Jul 12, 2005 10:27 pm 
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Well ladies (not so much) and gents, I've got a real treat for you. You may recall this epic post right HERE. If you read that, you learned about two very unique CSMs. One is bright yellow, clean as hell, and fast as balls. The other one is an AWD, 400hp beast of a sedan. It just so happens that that bright yellow banana colored one is going to be gracing our pages today...

Well, I could write something up, but the fact is that Paul is pretty eloquent himself...so I'll let him do some of the explaining for this month. :wink: Take it away paul...

Basic story on the car: I have been into DSM's (edit by jd: Image) for 5 years now. I had a 90 TSi AWD that I built up while in college, but grew tired of the constant repairs and breakage. After selling my car, I was DSM'less for about a year, (though the bug was biting hard) and in the winter of 2002/03 I stumbled across a strange looking red Mitsu Mirage with ground effects sitting in the back corner of my favorite salvage yard. I knew fully what the cars were capable of after riding around in LilEvo during its early stages, and I felt a personal obligation to do whatever it took to make good use of some relatively hard-to-find bits and pieces. My friend (the owner of the place) said I could have whatever I wanted off the car for $40, and he would dispose of the rest. It was -10F outside at that time, but I was bundled up taking out the wiring harness, mounts, valvecover, KM210 trans, axles, ECU, brakes and all the other turbocar goodies we all want. It just so happened that this same place had a 120,000mi 4G63 with a freshly rebuilt head as well, and it was sold for the princely sum of $325.

So now I had a pile of dirty parts, and no car. I still began the painstaking task of cleaning everything up, bead blasting and polishing the aluminum, and collecting the other essentials for a swap. I was looking hard for a semi-clean base model CSM to swap into, and finally ended up buying the car off the forsale forum here on 61T in the spring of 03' with 118,000mi on the odometer. The car itself is a 91 Colt GL, yellow is the factory color, and it came with a 12V 4G15, 5 speed, PS, and AC. The previous owner had installed the blue 89 Mirage turbo interior and steering column before I got it, along with some extra-pimp Ultra brand 5 spoke wheels. I drove it for about 10,000mi with the 4G15, parked it for the winter of 2003/04', and pulled the drivetrain for a little renovation.

I had the 4G63 ready to run with a few relatively mild things done to
it. Initially the car was put together with a 14B, 2G exhaust mani, no balance shafts, 450's, 90 ECU, Centerforce clutch, Wallbro 255lph pump, -6AN fuel system, and lots of OE Mits parts to ensure that I could keep it on the road and drivable. I freshened up and installed the engine in my gravel floor garage at school with the help of a couple loyal DSM buddies and fabbed a full 2.5" stainless exhaust from turbo to tip. Though the car wasn't yet intercooled, it still managed to pull quite well at 8psi.

The summer of 04' had some changes in store for the Colt. It was proving to be a great daily driver, and miraculously had seen over 10,000mi of swapped action without missing a beat. I bought a MAF translator, Spearco 17x7x3.5 intercooler, and some 650cc FIC injectors to help liven things up a bit. I fabbed my own 304 stainless intercooler piping to match the setup, and turned the boost up to realize what the car was really all about! At 17psi, I managed to eek out a 13.1@110 after many passes on slicks and 110 octane with the 14B. I drove it like this through the rest of the season, and once again, the mod bug bit again...

Fast forward to 2005.
I was having fun in the car, but wanted to really make it into a true street
terror. I bought a whole list of bolt-on mods for this year, and I still am
having a blast commuting it to work every single day, rain or shine. The
chassis and engine both have around 167,000 miles on them at the time of writing, and I have bested a 12.73@114 so far this year with 3 passes
on the new setup. The worn old junkyard engine still managed to lay down 320whp and 300lb-ft of torque in street trim (21psi/pumpgas) with no indication of an unhealthy demise in the immediate future.
I built the car for my own personal enjoyment, assembled it with my own
two hands, and I have every intention of keeping it streetable and fun.
Besides, what good is it if you cant drive it!?
Well, there you have it from his own mouth/keyboard. I guess that all is left for me to do is put up a nice mod list and some pictures. Then the cleanliness of this thing will really start to come accross...


90 4G63 6 bolt shortblock, bal. shafts removed
ARP headstuds w/OE gasket
Stock rebuilt head and 1G intake
HKS 272/272 cams
Fidanza adjustable cam gears
Evo 3 Exhaust manifold (ported)
Evo 3 16G turbo from MHI (ported)
AMS braided turbo oil feed line
FP flexible oil return line
Magnecore 10mm plug wires
Setrab oil cooler w/-8AN lines to 90 oil housing
Custom 2.5" 304SS O2 eliminator setup w/1-3/4" open dump WG
Custom 2.5" 304SS exhaust system w/Summit stainless muffler

Wallbro 255lph HP pump, 10ga rewire
Aeroquip -6AN fuel line w/Earls -6AN billet filter
DSMotorsport -6AN fuel rail adapter
Full Throttle Speed adjustable FPR w/Carbon fiber 60 PSI gauge
Fuel Injector Clinic 650cc Injectors
HKS Vein Pressure Converter (VPC), Buschur 660 chip
HKS Graphic Control Computer (GCC)
HKS Electronic Valve Controller (EVC)
90 DSM FWD ECU, non-Eprom
AEM 2" UEGO Wideband gauge, sensor in downpipe for leaded fuel use
Autometer 2" Z-series 30-0-30 Boost gauge
Autometer 2" Z-series 0-100psi electric Oil press gauge
Custom billet aluminum single-DIN 3 gauge panel
Spearco 17x7x3.5" FMIC
Custom 304SS Intercooler piping, 2" J-pipe, 2.5" on everything else
Derale 12" Slimline cooling fan
HKS Super Sequential BOV w/custom stainless flange
20% Tint on all windows except the doors (fricken PoPo!)
Sony CD player with Infinity Kappa speakers all around
Blue Mirage turbo Interior/turbo cluster/turbo column and wheel
Oddysey PC680 13lb battery to replace the humongoid 40lb stocker

KM210 transmission (just freshened up)
Stock mirage turbo axles (redone by RAXLES)
Fidanza 8# aluminum flywheel
ACT 2600PP w/street disc
91 GVR4 rims w/Yokohama AVS ES100 street tires 195/50/15
92 GVR4 rims w/M&H Racemaster slicks 23x7.5x15
KYB GR2 Stock replacement struts w/stock 1.5L springs (eek!)
Mirage Turbo front brakes w/Brembo rotors/Metal Masters pads
RRE Stainless Braided brake lines
2G front strut bar w/custom brackets
Shortened stock shifter (3"), custom turned delrin shifter base bushings
and custom brass shifter linkage bushings.

Still to finish up...
Add an auxiliary cooling fan for those 100F days
Turbo brake swap on the rear (have most of the parts)
Suspension (probably DSS coilovers)
Ported head/titanium retainers/HKS springs/SS Valves
Built bottom end - ross/eagle combo

The uber 1337 4g15 power plant!
GVR-4 Rims
4g63 Engine
The cleanest engine bay EVER. Period.
The fatty front mount...
Pretty much the coolest shot ever.

Well that's it for this month, hope you enjoyed yourself, be sure to tune in next month...does locked welded front differential + 500+whp + 2,000lbs mean anything to you? :P


90 Eagle Summit 1.5 - Wrecked
92 Eagle Summit ES 1.6 DOHC n/a - Parts
92 Eagle Summit 1.5 - Sold
94 Talon TSi AWD Auto - Sold
90 Laser RS FWD 4G63T - Hit and totalled

2000 Pontiac Trans Am LS1 Auto // 2006 Honda CRV K24 5MT

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 12, 2005 10:58 pm 
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its so beutiful...gives me hope for my lil colt..excellent car


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PostPosted: Tue Jul 12, 2005 11:02 pm 
Spends Too Much Time Under The Hood
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also..how did ya get that engine area sooo fresh and clean..just took everything out when you did the swap and presure washed? and with the engine in the forrest of vacume lines and sensor wires is not their..i must know how you did that


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PostPosted: Wed Jul 13, 2005 12:04 am 

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I've said it before and now I'm saying it again. That is one clean, bad@ss car! Great Job!

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 13, 2005 6:35 am 
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OMG! :o This thing is so cool, I messed up my pants! 8)

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 13, 2005 1:34 pm 
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he get's it so clean by hand polishing EVERYTHING. the man LOVES his hand polishing. lol! even at last years shootout i remember him standing there with a bottle of windex and a roll of paper towels. :D

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 13, 2005 11:35 am 
Spends Too Much Time Under The Hood
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Really well done!Very clean and hot Ride,and i like the black wheels on the upper pic. 8)

Lancer C68 4G67t
Eclipse D22 4G63 Cyclone
Eclipse D27 E316g,too much to List here.
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