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Now Drives a hybrid :(
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All About 89-92 USA Csm's (nonwagons)
93-96 look here:
The USA Dodge Colt/Eagle Summit/Mitsubishi Mirage's that I will focus on is the 89-92 models because other countries had the mirage/colt(mostly in better forms) in various other forms and years(and it is difficult to put difinitives on a car that essentially has been whored around the world so to speak).Here is a link to more csm info http://4g61t.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?h ... fit&t=6936

The 4cyl engines for these models came as such:
*81hp/91tq sohc 8 valve 1.5(4g15)
*92 hp/93tq sohc 12 valve 1.5(4g15)
*113hp/99tq dohc 1.6(4g61)
*135hp dohc turbo 1.6(4g61 Turbo)

Engine designations:
for example 4g15 means
1=series of engine
5=number in which the engine was invented/added to mitsu's designation

so the the 15 is a fluke it doesn't mean 1.5 litres . because a 4g63 is 2.0 not 6.3 litres. a 6g75 would be a 6cyl. The series can also be a help as a 4g63 dohc turbo and head will fit on a 4g64 dohc block to make a 2.4 litre stroker.

The 1.5 12v engine's (the 8v is the same but has the distributer coming out of the rear)
a link all about the 1.5-> http://www.4g61t.com/howtos/4G15.htm

The 1.6 engine's (non-turbo model shown)

4-speed overdrive automatic transmission and 3-speed units were available on 4-door models. As far as I know no stock 1.5 hatch came with the 4-speed auto. 4-speed manual f4m21 transmissions were available on the 1.5 base models. 5-speed manual f5m21's were available with the upper crust 1.5's. For the 1.6 turbo's they got the KM210. About 1/2 of the 5-speed trannys are cable the other half are hydrolic. These are very difficult to but not impossible to interchange.***note swap people*** Everything about f5m33/km210 tranny swap axles can be obtained here: http://www.4g61t.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=13502 also csm auto axels will work in a pinch for low hp aplications , also hyundai elantra ones will work too. For all that have 1.5 style stock trannys, ignore.

The 1.5's looked like this:
The 1.6 style looked like this:
The hatch looks like this sans cool wheels and exhaust.


The csm 1.5's came with mostly non-tach guage clusters and a 2 spoke steering wheel, and the nicer ones got a 125mph tach cluster and the nicest 1.5 sedans got various power items like seats,locks,windows and 4 spoke steering wheels. The 1.6's got a tach cluster and a 3 spoke stearing wheel and sports seats with see thru head rests. the 1.6 sedans also got a 4 spoke steering wheel. With most power mirror csm's they recieved a body color treatment on the housings of those mirrors.

A Mirage GS 1.6 sedan

A New Zealand Mirage 1.6 hatchback (to get kinda an idea)

A slightly modified 1.5 base model
The 1.5 hatches came with front non-vented disks with rear drums, the 1.5 sedans came with front vented and rear drums. The uppercrust 1.5's sedans and all 1.6's recieved front(vented) and rear(non-vented) disks.

Csm's respond to mods well. There the most modable cars without full aftermarket support. I will not go into extreme detail as I have a minimum scope for this post. Also not all mods will be listed.


You can replace the 12 valve versions throttlebody (also ecu and injectors) with a 1.8 sohc 4g37 eclipse one (these are tricky because about 1/2 of the throttlebodys are of a different style so you got to match them up). The 1.8 tb and the 1.5 tb are identical except port size and butterfly size. You will only benifit from this fully if you port match it to your intake runner. you can also cut the outer part of the air filter can for an open style intake. You can also play around with timing to get a few extra top end hp with premium gas. And the mother of all questions, yes you can swap an T/E/L(Talon,Eclipse/Laser) or Galant VR4(90-94) 4g63 2.0 turbo or non turbo. A good referance for learning purposes is http://lilevo.com/turbo/body_turbo.html or http://4g61t.com/phpBB2/index.php?f=23 . You can also swap in a 2.4 non turbo 4g64 dohc from a 94 model Galant Gs. Please read these before you ask any questions about swaping. It will ease alot of tension from some board members! Also it is lightly known that you can mix/match all the mounts from an elantra for fiting in a 4g63/64 engine. Also here is some usefull wiring info when your cussing yourself while diffusing the bomb (pull the green wire j/k) http://www.4g61t.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.p ... ng&t=13165

Brakes: you can steal the front and rear brakes from an 1992-95 Elantra upper model or a 1.6 csm.


Your the lucky bastard who has all the goodies, almost any engine part from a 90-94 T/E/L(turbo->turbo, n/a->na) will fit(including the engine). Everything from injectors to ecu's to turbo's. For upgrades I would look toward the dsm community and also the 4g63t section of this website. Your cars engine is essentially a T/E/L dohc engine with a shorter stroke and no intercooler. With 4g63 turbo injectors, ecu, turbo and intercooler you could be upwards of 175 hp!

Steal it from a front wheel drive T/E/L(f5m33) for a fatter power band and more durability.

you can also do an AWD swap from a Galant VR4 or a T/E/L http://lilevo.com/lilevoawd/body_lilevoawd.html

All CSM's

Suspension: FWD T/E/L springs will fit also for aftermarket look here:

Wheels: Our bolt pattern is 4X114.3 with a +46mm offset. So 4-lug Nissan Altima/240sx, Infinity G20, older Hyundai Elantra/Excel/Sonata wheels all fit nicely(with a lil hammering). When looking for aftermarket wheels just tell the computer/person that you have a 93 Altima, because it hardly ever comes up for our cars. 15's look like dubbs on our cars, maximum I would go is 17's. 18's are possible, but look gross.

Hyundai Elantra/Scoupe seats fit for that sporty look.

Front clip:
Anything but fuel filters from the front of the front doors on is interchangable with all csm's(hatchs->sedans) to some degree(most without other tag along parts). ie:,oil cap, cv-axels,brakes. If you stick with 1.5->1.5 and 1.6-> 1.6 youll have less "tag along parts". Some have wierd differences such as throttle cable routing or hydrolic clutches, but hey thats where all the "tag along parts" come in.

I ain't going to lie in realty our 13+ year cars are constantly falling apart, but this can help you keep time from putting your car in the junkers:

1.Always check/replace timing belt when you purchace as all but the 8v 1.5 csms have interferance engines (though some members still had valve meeting piston problems with the 8v). Also change every 50,000 miles religously.
2.Check your oil! CSM's are known for marking there spot.
3.Replace water pump, all CSM's suck in this area.
4.Check your ecu for exploded caps(capacitors) heres a link about 1.5 ecu's and CSM engine codes http://lilevo.com/tech/body_tech.html
5.Know that its not a question of how, but when the trannys going to go, check tranny oil and don't shift without a clutch, and automatic people, don't neutral bomb, it will instantly kill the tranny(i know from experiance). Make'm last a lil longer.

For reference stuff:

att:1.5er's The 1.6/1.8 Elantras that you need to be on like a pack of wolves on a 3 legged cat look like this:

Not pretty but they share about 80% of n/a 1.6 csm's parts, most are upgrades like seats, wheels, 4g63/64 swap mounts or rear disks(upper crust models). They aren't rare and most you can pick up for less than 500, or even 100 bucks.

Hyundai Engine Code interchangeability:
1.5 litre 8v G4DJ 90-92 Scoupe =4g15
81hp 91ftlbs
1.5 litre 8v G4DJ 90-94 Excel =4g15
81hp 91ftbls
1.6 litre 16v G4CR 92-95 Elantra =4g61
105-113hp 102ftlbs
1.8 litre 16v G4CN 93-95 Elantra =4g67
124hp 116ftlbs
2.0 litre 16v G4CP 92-95 Sonata =4g63
128hp 121ftlbs
2.4 litre 8v G4CS 89-91 Sonata =4g64
116hp 142ftlbs
3.0 litre 12v G6AT 89-93 Sonata = 6g72
142hp 158ftlbs
They are just copies of the original engines not exact, so there are small subtle differences.[/url]


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Now Drives a hybrid :(
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