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PostPosted: Wed Mar 10, 2004 11:40 am 
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I decided it would be a good idea to compile an as complete as possible list of Mitsubishi engine codes. This way when someone asks, "What the heck is a 4Gxx?", we might actually have an answer. As of yet I don't know how extensive the info on each motor should be, so I'm open to suggestions. I also don't know if I want to list every possible variant of each motor, since something like the 4G63 has a lengthy list. The list will be far from complete from the get go, so please feel free to post a motor and all the info you know. Also, feel free to correct any erronious info, just don't get offended when it gets deleted after I use it.

For Starters: Reading Mitsubishi Engine Codes.
Here's a breakdown on what some of the engine codes look like and mean.

Example: 4G61T (1.6L I4 turbo motor in the Colt/Mirage turbo)
4 = 4-cylinder
G = Gasoline, Iron Block. (D = Diesel ie 4D65)
6 = Engine Series
1 = Engine Model (Doesn't equate to capacity, as a higher number can belong to a lesser cc'd engine.)
T = Turbo (This is more of an adopted addition to the engine codes, rather than an official part of it. The official way Mistubishi will list the motor is "4G61 Turbo".)

Example: 6A13TT (2.5L V6 twin-turbo motor in the Galant/Legnum VR-4)
6 = 6-cylinder
A = Gasoline, Aluminum block
1 = Engine Series
3 = Engine Model
TT= Twin-turbo

Mitsubishi Engine Code Reference Chart

4D55 - 2.3L. Found in Galant 2.3 TD (A167) as well as Pajero (Shogun) 2.3 TD
4D56 - 2.5L. Used in Pajero (Shogun) 2.5 TD (L049G)

4D65 - 1.8L. Found in Galant 1.8 TD (E34A)
4D68 - 2.0L, 1998cc

4G11 - 1.2L, 1244cc
4G12 - 1.4L, 1410cc
4G13 - 1.3L, 1248cc
4G15 - 1.5L, 1468cc
4G16 - 1.2L, 1198cc
4G18 - 1.6L, 1583cc

4G30 - 1.3L, 1298cc
4G31 - 1.5L, 1499cc
4G32 - 1.6L, 1597cc
4G33 - 1.4L, 1439cc
4G35 - 1.7L, 1686cc
4G36 - 1.2L, 1238cc
4G37 - 1.8L, 1755cc

4G41 - 1.4L, 1378cc
4G42 - 1.2L, 1187cc

4G51 - 1.9L, 1855cc
4G52 - 2.0L, 1995cc
4G53 - 2.4L, 2384cc
4G54 - 2.6L, 2555cc

4G61 - 1.6L, 1597cc. Came available with turbo and naturally aspirated versions. Most are DOHC, but apparently SOHC versions were used.
4G62 - 1.8L, 1795cc
4G63 - 2.0L, 1997cc. Came available with turbo and naturally aspirated versions. Most are DOHC, but apparently SOHC versions were used.
4G64 - 2.4L. Mostly available as a SOHC, there are DOHC versions available.
4G67 - 1.8L, 1836cc
4G69 - 2.4L. Motor is a SOHC MIVEC

4G92 - 1.6L, 1597cc. Known commonly for it's DOHC MIVEC version used in the Mirage.
4G93 - 1.8L, 1834cc. Available as a non-turbo SOCH and DOHC. DOHC turbo version was available in '92+ Lancer GSR.
4G94 - 2.0L. Newer SOHC motor used in the Lancer.

6A10 - 1.6L
6A11 - 1.8L
6A12 - 2.0L. Mostly known to be a DOHC MIVEC used in the FTO. Was also availabe in a twin-turbo version in the early 7G Galant VR-4's.
6A13 - 2.5L. Was commonly a DOHC twin-turbo motor used in the more modern 7G and 8G Galant VR-4's.

6G71 - 2.0L, 1998cc. Only known variant is SOHC and supercharged.
6G72 - 3.0L, 2972cc. This motor came in various forms, including SOHC and DOHC naturally aspirated versions. A DOHC twin-turbo version was also available in the 3000GT/GTO VR-4.
6G73 - 2.5L, 2497cc. Available naturally aspirated in SOHC and DOHC form.
6G74 - 3.5L. Available naturally aspirated in SOHC and DOHC form.
6G75 - 3.8L. Available naturally aspirated in SOHC and DOHC form.

G15B - 1.5L SOHC 12v Carb found in early Mirage and Precis.

G32B - 1.6L. Came as a SOHC turbo.

G54B - 2.6L. Found in early Montero and Truck.

G62B - 1.8L. Came as a SOHC turbo.
G63B - 2.0L. Came as a SOHC sometimes with turbo. Found in JDM Starion as well as the Cordia and Tredia.
G64B - 2.4L. SOHC found on the early Galant and Expo.

If you're looking for a reference list of Hyundai Motor Codes and their Mitsubishi Equivelants, here's the link.

Jason Veraldi

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 20, 2004 1:15 am 
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found this on a russian site:


Identification number of automobile (VIN)

There are differences between the numbers of the automobiles of those intended for the European market and for the American.
The detailed description of two types of the coding is given below:

If automobile is made for Europe

1 - 3 positions of number (world index of producer)

JA3 Mitsubishi
JA4 Mitsubishi
JA7 Mitsubishi
JMA Mitsubishi
JMB Mitsubishi
JMC Mitsubishi
JMD Mitsubishi
JMM Mitsubishi
KA3 Mitsubishi, Korea
KA4 Mitsubishi, Korea
KA7 Mitsubishi, Korea
KAH Mitsubishi, Korea
KAM Mitsubishi, Korea
KM3 Mitsubishi, Korea
KM4 Mitsubishi, Korea
KMM Mitsubishi, Korea
KPH Mitsubishi, Korea
XMA Mitsubishi, the Netherlands
XMB Mitsubishi, the Netherlands
THE XMC Mitsubishi, the Netherlands
XMD Mitsubishi, the Netherlands

4 positions of number (type of body)

L 5 is door sedan/kombi
M 3 is door sedan
S I is door sedan
T I is door sedan
N 3 is door the sleeping compartment
C the pick-up

5 position of number (code of gearbox)

F of mechanical. I is high-speed.
N of mechanical. 5 it is high-speed.
K of avtomatich. 3 it is high-speed.
R of avtomatich. I is high-speed.

6 position of number (model number)

1 Sigma Wagon
2 sigma Wagon Aut.
C Colt, Lancer
E Galant/Sapporo
D Space Wagon To y992g., Eclipse/Carisma
F Sigma
K Pajero Sport/L200
L L300
N Space Wagon/Ranner With 1992g.
P Spase Gear
V Pajero
Z 3000 gt

c 7 on 8 position of number (code of engine)

12 4g15
13 4g32
14 4d65
15 4g16
37 4g37
51 4G13
53 4g61
61 4G13
62 4g15
64 4d65
A1 4G13
A4 4G92
A5 4G93
B4 4G92
B8 4D68
11 4g32
14 4d65
15 4g63
32 4g37
33 4g63 DOHC
33 4g63 SOHC
34 4d65
38 4g63 SOHC
39 4g63 DOHC
52 4g93
54 г12
55 4g63
57 4d68
64 г12
75 4g63
88 6g73
Space Wagon& Space Runner
05 4g37
08 4g63
09 4d65
11 4g93
31 4G93
33 4g63
35 4d65
38 4d68
16 6g72
22 4g63
3000 gt
16 6g72

9 position of number (type of automobile)

A of the passenger
C Canvas Top
M of the sleeping compartment
V specialized
W of kombi

10 positions of number (yr of the production of automobile)

Designation corresponds to standard ISO 3779-1983, table see in article "basic principles of coding"

11 positions of number (place of assembling)

J Oyo (Japan)
F Netherland
U Mizushima
Y Ooe (Japan)
Z Okazaki (Japan)

From 12 through 17 position of the number

Production number of article.

... if automobile is made for THE USA or Canada

1 - 3 positions of number (world index of producer)

В3 Mitsubishi
В4 Mitsubishi
В7 Mitsubishi
ВH Mitsubishi
ВM Mitsubishi
4M3 Mitsubishi
4M4 Mitsubishi
4M7 Mitsubishi
4MA Mitsubishi
4MB Mitsubishi
4MH Mitsubishi
4MM Mitsubishi
Г3 Mitsubishi
6MM Mitsubishi
JMA Mitsubishi
JMB Mitsubishi

4 positions of number (code of the means of passive restraint the arrangement of control)

A "Air Bag" driver and the passenger
B the active belts of bezopasn. (91-92)/"Air Bag" driver (1993)
C the passive belts of bezopasn.
D the active belts of bezopasn.
E "Air Bag" the driver
X "Air Bag" the driver
U is right-side
V left-side

5 position of number (model number)

A Mirage
B Galant (1982-90)/ sigma (1982-90)/Expo LRV (it is front-wheel-drive.) (1991-97)
C Starion (1982-90)/Diamante/Expo LRV (polnoprivodn.)
D Precis (1982-90)/3000GT (it is front-wheel-drive.) / Expo (it is front-wheel-drive.)
E 3000GT (polnoprivodn.) / Expo (polnoprivodn.)
F Cordia (1982-90) /.Tredia (1982-90)/Eclipse (it is front-wheel-drive.)
G Eclipse (polnoprivodn.)
H Galant (it is front-wheel-drive.) 1993
J Montero/Calant (1994-96)
K Montero/Eclipse (it is front-wheel-drive.) (95-96)
L Truck (zadneprivodn.) / Eclipse (polnoprivodn.) / Eclipse GSX (95-96)
M Truck (4WD)/3000GT (it is front-wheel-drive.)
N 3000GT (polnoprivodn.) VR4
P Diamante
R Galant (it is front-wheel-drive.) / Montero
S Eclipse (it is front-wheel-drive.) / Truck (zadneprivodn.)
T Eclipse (polnoprivodn.) / Truck (4WD)
U Mirage
V Expo LRV (it is front-wheel-drive.) / 3000GT Conv. (it is front-wheel-drive.)
W Expo LRV (polnoprivodn.) / 3000GT Conv. (polnoprivodn.)
X Galant (polnoprivodn.) / Eclipse Conv.
Y Expo (it is front-wheel-drive.)
Z Expo (polnoprivodn.)

MODEL of engine Mitsubishi


















4g63- t/h













G54b- t/h



Copyright © 2000—2004


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PostPosted: Sat Feb 05, 2005 11:52 am 
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Same sort of thing listed here but I couldn't translate the extra tricky wording from Finnish!
http://www.mitsubishiclubfinland.net/?s ... vientialue

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 24, 2005 10:18 pm 
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According to this, my Colt is:
Mitsubishi (correct)
A 3 door sedan (wrong) It's a 3 door hatch
with a manual transmission (correct)
A Colt or a Lancer (correct)
Has no engine (wrong) It has a engine, and the code in the VIN is 58 which means 4G67
Is a passanger car (correct)
Is a MY 1992 (correct)
Was assambled in Mizushima (correct I think)

The number is JMBMNC58ANU******

'92 Colt GTi 1,8 - Green - Blown engine (15.779 @ 85 mph before that)
'92 Colt GTi 1,8 - Grey - Bented valve or something.. runs fine, no power loss, but strange sound.
'90 Eclipse GS 2,0 - Parting out.

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 12, 2005 6:41 am 
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A 3 door sedan (wrong) It's a 3 door hatch

Has no engine (wrong) It has a engine, and the code in the VIN is 58

If its a 2 door hatchback, that is in fact classified as a 3 door. The hatch counts as a door, since it opens and closes. Somewhat like a door... same with hatchback 4 door cars, they call them a 5 door. Its kind of wierd, but thats how they do it. So the only thing that is wrong is the engine part.. but there is just some sort of mistke there.


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PostPosted: Mon Jul 18, 2005 12:59 am 
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Try to check your VIN there - http://www.dsm-garage.ru/mmc.html
Just type VIN number and click the knob.

Sorry, it is in russian :) Translation keys are here:
"- нет" = "there is no"
"- есть" = "there is"
I suppose Free Website Translation service will help:

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