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 Post subject: Airflow for Sidemount IC
PostPosted: Wed Dec 31, 1969 7:00 pm 
First of all, remove the grill, headlights, corner lights and front bumper cover. It was very annoying to do the cover, there are numerous plastic rivets hidden and there are also 10mm bolts holding it to the big metal crash brace. Next take the brace off, and relocate the horn to the other side of the car. Don't worry, there are already connectors there waiting. You'll find them within the headlight hole, and it should be a mirror copy of the original placement. You may need to color code wires to connector pins. (now would be a good time to install a air horn!)

I then placed the intercooler and using tinsnips and a sawsall I cut the sheetmetal out directly in front of the intercooler. Be very conservative with metal removal, some of it may need to stay for support. Use your own judgement as to how much is safe to be removed.

Then, cut the metal bumper brace apart using a sawzall. A 6-8 inch bi-metal cutting blade makes this easy. Cut the lower half of the turnsignal hole off. This should provide ample clearance, you'll probably need a large hammer and more trimming later for that perfect fit.

Now, cut a hole in the bumpercover, using a razor blad, hacksaw, holesaw and pocketknife. I tried to make it as smooth as the turnsignal hole. But the torch kept catching the foam on fire. A heatgun would be useful hear. I painted the exposed yellow edges to match the paint.

Here are a few pics of the aluminum sheetmetal duct in progress. Aluminum can be cheaply purchased at home depot or lowe's.

Here is the finished duct, painted black for that stealth look.

The finished look w/out Blinker and with blinker

And an upclose shot

When you get into it, you'll soon realise the hardest part is repeatedly pulling the bumper cover off and putting it back on. We don't have the car running yet, but I ask all my friends if they've seen the hole for the intercooler in the front bumper, they say "what hole?".

You can also cover yours with some black or body colored mesh to keep bugs, rocks, and small birds out of your intercooler. We are looking for the louvered fenderwell from a 1G DSM, to use as a protectant from Rocks/Mud etc, thrown by the tire. (Screen material, painted black could also work here)

Information submitted by Graham Carr.

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