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As most of you know, Mitsubishi alternator have a few flaws:
1. Short life
2. Expensive
3. Poor current output (65-75 amp)

Their short life is due to 1 major flaw. The alternator fan (inside the alternator) pulls air from the backside of the alternator trough the electronics for cooling. This is great, until you modify or replace the exhaust. Now it will pull real hot air off the exhaust right through it since the heat shields are never replaced and heat tape is rarely used on the o2 housing and downpipe. Also, the limited power output of the alternator limits your ability to run any electronics beyond a new stereo and fuel pump with any efficiency, much less the draw placed on it on a cold winter morning with the fan on full blast and the rear defroster on.

As a recommendation for eliminating this issue the Saturn Alternator is a great solution:
1. 96amp minimum output
2. Fan is on the outside of the unit, and draws air from the drivers side, expelling it towards the exhaust
3. long life
4. New alternators are much cheaper than even rebuilt auto store units

There are two ways to install these:
1. Jay Racing's Alternator relocation kit (highly recommended unless you still have AC)
http://www.jayracing.com/alternator-rel ... m-p-9.html
2. Get out the grinder and install it in the stock alternator location. This is what will be discussed here.

What you will need:
1. ACDelco 335-1036 Alternator (new from amazon for $80)
http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008B5 ... UTF8&psc=1
2. Pigtail from a 93-99 Saturn or just order the pigtail from Jay Racing for $15
http://www.jayracing.com/alternator-rel ... p-208.html
3. Angle grinder or high speed dremmel (you can even use a hand file f you are a glutton for punishment.)
4. Soldering iron and heat shrink.
5. A new belt never hurts. Just note that the pulley on the Saturn unit will have an extra rib on it, no worries here, you just use it with the outer rib open.

Step one:
Disconnect your battery and remove your old, crappy non-functioning Mitsu Alternator

Step 2:
Clear some space to work on the alternator mounting area (I had to remove some intercooler piping, Since I am using the Scirocco radiator, I was able to leave it in place). You will be grinding the area below (RED). You will need to grind it down to match the YELLOW portion so the alternator can pivot. Just keep rounding it off until the alternator fits with the pivot bolt and has a good range of motion.

Step 3:
Grind the two raised areas off the alternator that reside between the alternator mount points. Just grind them so everything it the same level and smooth.

Step 4:
Remove the tension bolt from the stock alternator. You will need to flip it over so it will clear the Saturn alternator fan blades (this will place the tensioner bolt above the mount bolt) and get a nut for the end of the bolt as the Saturn alternator tension hole is larger and not threaded (see below). Install the belt using the inner most grooves of the pulley and tighten everything down.

Step 5:
Locate the alternator plug in your harness For the Colt, the wire colors are large RED and small WHITE, whereas the DSM body harness wires are large YELLOW and small BLACK. Regardless, you can either remove the plug and strip back the wires or just open a small area on each to retain the factory plug (what I did). You will connect the Saturn plug wire labeled F to the large (RED or YELLOW) wire and the wire labeled L to the small (BLACK or WHITE) wire.

Step 6:
Re-Connect the battery, then connect the alternator post wires as you would with a stock alternator and fire it up.

They do make higher output units for those that desire (up to 160 amps), but they are more expensive. With this alternator you can easily run everything AND two amps and a subwoofer without your lights dimming to the dub-step.

1991 GVR4 1025/2000 (PTE 1200's, 16g, DSMLink v3, gm-maf, eagle/ross, .020 over, 272's, EVO VIII Wheels)
1992 GVR4 866/1000 (getting everything from above)

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