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PostPosted: Mon May 15, 2006 11:07 pm 
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Congrats Tim! Great to hear you've got it on the road!
We should have another meet so I can check out everyone's new cars in person.

- J

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PostPosted: Sun May 21, 2006 7:06 am 
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Oh that's great news to hear Tim. 8)

Got rabies?

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 18, 2007 12:22 pm 
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For people testing their cars in Ontario or anywhere else for that matter, this is by far the best step by step way of confirming exactly what we had all suspected but could not confirm without the proper tools; 3 way catalytic converter was needed BADLY, and a minor tuneup helped things along too. I since have rebuilt the Throttle body as is was leaking at the seals, so after a little refreshing you can see what sort of wonders it can do for your car's emissions and for the health and environment of yourself, and other around you when you are running your engine. I was going to be putting a kids seat in the back of my car, so I did not want a polluter getting to my young kids lungs and mind. See where I'm going with this! :wink: This is now the official emissions thread for 4G61T's (with a couple miles on them!) j/k 8)

To recap what I did:
Swapped out old gas - bad numbers, way off the chart.
Changed cams and ECU/MAF/injectors back to stock units - bad numbers - way off the chart.
Performed tune-up to include plugs/wires - numbers still off the charts.
Installed 3 way catalytic with plugged oxygen tube and everything dialled in, well below the minimums that were required.
3 way catalytic will almost certainly be needed for cars exhibiting grossly polluting emission numbers, that would otherwise be in good tune. Idle must be under control with respect to fuel/timing control, and a properly tuned idle speed. The turbo is not a factor because it is not under boost during the circumstances of the test and the fact that I had a 14b on a smaller than stock displacement engine for a 14b, this will help to eliminate thoughts of it polluting numbers, other than possible seal failures that cause it to leak oil; my turbo was somewhat loose in regards to shaft play, and clean under boost but I suspect was the reason for minor oil consumption.

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 17, 2008 9:05 am 
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New update:

JDM 4g63t (150psi cold-160psi hot compression)
264 regrind cams with hardware store washer shim at lifter bases
Stock EGR hooked up and functioning (all factory emissions provisions still in place, even the Charcoal canister that so many people pull out!)
Same 1G BOV uncrushed
Stock timing, both cam and base
Same 3 way catalytic converter
Same 14b and intercooler setup
Same 2.5 press bent exhaust and free flowing Magnaflow muffler
Leaking 90 TB seals
Keydiver chip setup as follows:
(90 Eprom by the way)

(c) 2003-2006 KEYDIVER 03/23/06
10.5:1 WOT A/F RATIO

All the tuner equipment is now isntalled and was run during the following test #'s.

MAJOR change for emissions purposes here in Ontario, as I now have a swapped motor in the car; I have to legally register it for emissions testing purposes as a HOT ROD STATUS vehicle as the 4G63T was never factory equipped in this car line EVER. Our cars only had 1.6T turbo variations during their entire production run, whether shipped overseas or on their domestic turf in Japan.

HOT ROD status requires that you get proof on paper from a dealer or similar source, that the engine installed in the car was not factory equipped or available for that year in your style of car; in this case a C53a 1.6 DOHC Turbo Plymouth Colt.

In my case the engine was purchased from a 1991 AWD Talon that was torn down in favour of a part-out due to chassis rust issues. The previous owner Bernie Pallek is my next point of contact due to needing proof that the motor came from his car. I have to keep that paperwork on file for the Ministry in case their is an audit for cases such as these and for other reasons that flags are put up in the system regardless of fault or not, as their would be for 2 speed idle tests. So, once paperwork is gathered and stored, this should be okay.

Now for the moment of truth, I would have passed even if the car was tested as a 1.6L equivalent if you compare the limits and dillutions from the previous tests. The limits have become WAY less stringent when you qualify for HOT ROD status, as you will soon be reading. :o

Car was run in second gear just on the fringe of the KM/H minimum speed, and top RPM limits. Cars must be run in 2nd gear and under 3000 RPM unless they are gear limited and for which you have to document as such, and run the car in 3rd gear.
Engine was hot and left to idle for quite some time before running the test, as this ensures proper oil pressures, and warm/hot equipment status.

HC ppm--318------15 PASS
CO%-----2.52----0.00 PASS
NO ppm--3353----164 PASS <---- Look at the limits here :-?
Dilution 15.2 VALID

Curb idle
HC ppm--300------145 PASS
CO%-----1.50-----0.16 PASS
- NO ppm not tested at idle
Dilution 15.1 VALID

So, I now have the proper paperwork to get my car on the road for the next 2 years. E-test sheets are good for 1 year from the date of test if you decide to transfer ownerships, IE sell the car.

A big thank you to Jeff Oberholtzer aka "keydiver" @ DSMChips.com, as this is a testament to what a single chip setup was capable of doing with the same car and across two engine setups. Proof is in the pudding as they say. I did all this without secondary fuel control, so you can see that with a proper chip setup and fully functioning stock equipment, what your car should be capable of doing in mildly modified form or better, if you are still running stock equipment.

PostPosted: Fri Oct 18, 2013 7:55 pm 
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Little update. It would appear that my EGR solenoid was setup for operation as a Cyclone activation point at ~4200 RPM, via the chip.
Only after seeing the bin dump from the chip was this confirmed by our resident chip wizard.

So, I passed with these numbers and an EGR system that was as far as I can tell, non-functional. Scary thought.

Also of great note:

Emissions testing has changed for cars in Ontario, Canada. As of Nov 2012ish, cars older than 1996 are only tested at a two speed idle test. So, NOX emissions are not taken into account, only HC/CO after 2500 RPM for 30+ seconds and then at idle.

PostPosted: Thu Aug 11, 2016 6:00 pm 
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Should add that my car will be going in for inspection again, within a week or so. Testing fee has now apparently been waived?
Same two speed idle test as was mentioned above. It was two years ago the car last passed with flying colors.
1980 emission standards are used if you qualify and submit to the Ministry (new process if you choose to submit your car for their approval likely needing a letter saying the engine was not
originally equipped in that chassis at any time during that production, or to the benefit of the owner should they know this, during the entire production run of that chassis period).
This has to be submitted before you test it that way.
Last test, my car passed without needing to tick that box that would have been due to excessive emissions detected during the running of the 2500RPM, then idle testing. Car passed well below the basic emissions set out for the 1.6L or 1.5L motor. Not sure they check the engine size anymore, that may only be prompted should their be testing issues ala tailpipe emissions.

Now running ECMLink V3 and the following internal modifications:
1990 DSM ECU Eprom
HKS 264in/272ex cams - cam gears straight up
2-1/4" silicone couplers for intercooler piping with t-bolt clamps
5 degrees base timing
2G 609 MAS recirculated
1G uncrushed BOV
New silicone hoses for BOV and wastegate control - MBC completely removed
50mm GVR4 radiator and 15" aftermarket slimline fan keeping coolant through an OEM 190F/88C opening temp, 212F/100C or more at valve lift 8mm/0.31in or more.
Maintaining around the 190F temp "minimum" for closed loop operation
Same 2.5: exhaust system with a new Magnaflow 2.5" offset/offset rear muffler
New exhaust gasket where the o2 to downpipe flanges meet
All other restoration parts will not affect the emissions test in any way.

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