Fuel pump question for 4G15
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Author:  Gab777 [ Tue Dec 24, 2019 6:37 am ]
Post subject:  Fuel pump question for 4G15

Hey CSM fans,

I have a '87 Sedan with 4G15 engine. Fuel pump had to be replaced as the diagphragm broke and mixed oil with gas.
I only have a used one (have 3 of them) since new items are not available. I noticed the fuel pump lever moves about only half way down as the original one (they both look exactly the same). It is from a G15B engine. (Also the remaining 2 items' levers move in the same half-way range, one is from a G15B also, the last one I have no idea what it is from.)
I did not give any significance to it so put it together, started the car and it runs fine so far (drove about 60 miles without any issue). Yesterday I looked up the items in ASA based on the VIN numbers of both cars and the MD number is not the same. When clicking on "Applicable models" it does not list my vehicle classification.
My car's classification - SNJL6
Other car with G15B engine classification - SNJQL6 (fuel pump from this car only lists models containing "Q")
I dug up the whole internet for hours about this question, and found the conclusion that this might damage the fuel pump pushrod and/or the camshaft's fuel lobe. So I just started to worry about this after one week.
Camshaft's MD number if different as well (but I have some doubts that Mitsu made different parts like cam fuel lobes and fuel pumps for every regions in the world).
So the big question is, do I have to worry about any damages, or the original pump was just wore out and had a bigger backlash?
My guess is - if it did any damage, it had to be already done, or the car just simply did not start, or cause some seizing issues with the cam... but no problems at all so far.

Author:  Flying Eagle [ Sun Jan 05, 2020 1:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fuel pump question for 4G15

This is the first question along these lines I can remember seeing in my time here. Very few owners w/carb motors with cam operated fuel pumps, that actually post due to the newer nature of the site; essentially 89-92. This was the norm before injection became common place in roughly the 85-86 time frame and became widespread at least in North America and that is general of the industry, and not manufacturer specific and as such certain regions got carbs for many years to come.

See if big&bad may have a better answer for you. He is quite familiar with many things on the Mitsu side. He is out of Germany.

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