What up 4Gfans! how is this the first time im posting here?
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Author:  1dvsdsm [ Thu Nov 25, 2021 1:48 am ]
Post subject:  What up 4Gfans! how is this the first time im posting here?

Hey all who are left in the Mitsu world that has crumbled and nearly came to an end.

This is Thomas from the dsm game!

So im sitting there after helping a friend drop off a 6g74 block from his montero at Alamo Autosports and he tells me" my friend sent this to me and wants to know if he should buy it. You should go get it before he does." then hands me his phone with a screen shot of a grey hatch. The hatch is an oem original Mirage GT. I hand the phone back after 10sec and tell him to send me his number. we walk inside the shop and he tells me he thinks we should go get it, I tell him "hold on, im calling him now". The seller agrees to meet up after a quick negotiation and we hit up the bank at 8pm. so we jump in the E39a aka Betty White and hit i20 at full boost. We make it to this guys place and after opening his garage he sees a glimmer of betty at the end of the dark drive. "Is that a Galant Vr4?" me "yep" him "I have never seen one in real life" me "I have 3 and my friend here has 1 too" . we snag the car, grab the parts, drop cash and drive the mirage gt home. I start getting calls "hey, you should sell me this car" me "lmao...no".

And now I have 3 galant vr4s and a Mirage gt.

I got 1000 questions and most of the og resources are gone.

this is not going to be easy.

Thomas Dahl

Author:  1dvsdsm [ Sun Nov 28, 2021 12:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: What up 4Gfans! how is this the first time im posting here?


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