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PostPosted: Sun May 28, 2017 9:33 pm 
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205/50R15 is the exact plus sizing up from the stock 195/60R14 that came on C53a turbo cars. I had 195/65R14 on the stock turbo rims and the sidewalls (which were fat and touring type tires) would just roll over and provide no side to side stiffness, and sadly weren't that great on bumps with lowered suspension. The 205/50R15 is spot on with decent shocks. Galants ran a stock 195 tire too IIRC, but they have a slightly taller sidewall to get the tire to a greater diameter and ride height from the road.

PostPosted: Mon May 29, 2017 9:46 am 
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God I love those turbo rims. The ripoffs of the food processor corvette wheels? Yumm yumm make me a smoothie Mr Car

Thanks for the tips on tire sizes. I would agree that a 205/50R15 is a good amount of sidewall. That's a lot of tire on a little car! As long as it fits I'm game. I ran that size in the winter on my turbo Protege and did fine on washboard and fire roads. Nothing that size at Costco but I can look around elsewhere. Here I am badly stuck in some Blizzaks at Thanskgiving 2010
Traction and LSD's and AWD can't do dick when you're out of ground clearance. One reason I prefer FWD on small cars.

There don't seem to be any Mirages or Cyborgs available from Japan anymore. I was looking at some other countries and stumbled across what is probably the nicest bone stock CSM sedan in the world. In the ideal Sophia White, naturally. https://www.carsales.com.au/private/det ... AD-4352827 only $1100 US niiice
Of course there they call it a Lancer over there. That really would make an AWD swapped sedan the Evo 0.5 huh.

Been doing some reading around the forum and learning a lot. Just going through the 4G15 section page by page instead of searching now. Sounds like I'll try adjusting the cam back a tooth when I change the belt. As far as engine swaps go, I read a quote (from Tim ofc) that the Euro-spec GTi Colts had high compression 1.8 engines. Looks like that'd be the holy grail for my purposes if I can find one.

Got my Buick back on the road yesterday! As long as I can keep one of my beaters roadworthy I can freely dismantle the other whenever the whim strikes me. Probably time to pick up AAA.

Thanks again!

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