How to Re-drill 4 lug to 5 lug hubs
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Author:  89Mirageman [ Wed Oct 05, 2016 5:33 pm ]
Post subject:  How to Re-drill 4 lug to 5 lug hubs

I get a fair amount of PM's asking me about the 5 lug hubs so I decided to document the process this time around. This is for the rear of the car. The hubs you want are from a 92 Mirage sedan, if you get lucky enough to find one in the junkyard. I think I've seen two in the past ten or so years. If not, no worries. Rockauto and other parts stores sell them new. They are 4 x 114.3, the part # is 512037 or 712037 at some places. It might even be a longer # but it will end with 512037. I caught these on sale sold by Raybestes for around $22 each at Rockauto.

Parts needed:
(2) hubs
1g dsm (90-94)rear 5 lug brake rotors

Tools needed:
drill press with clamps to hold the hub in place
lug nut (12 x 1.50)
21mm socket/ratchet for lug nut
large hammer
31/64" drill bit
35/64" drill bit
cutting oil
10mm x 25mm bolt and nut or something close to that size
large vise and socket or press for pressing lug studs back in

One thing I've learned over the years is that to drill holes this size you need a drill press that spins slow. Most of the smaller 5 speed drill presses have a minimum rpm of about 600. That's just too fast, especially for the 35/64" bit and it'll burn it up and not drill. I have a 12 speed 1/2hp Grizzly that I picked up used on CL and on the lowest speed (about 200 rpm's) it drilled like butter. I stopped a few times per hole to blow out the chips and add a little cutting fluid. It takes about an hour to drill each hub. Most of this time is centering the hub and clamping it down for each of the 4 holes. Also do yourself a favor and pick up some quality bits. I paid $25 for the 35/64" on ebay. I already had the 31/64" in my set. So, let's get started.

Here is a pic of the hub you want:

Imagehost image

Here you can see if you measure the studs diagonally it will be 4.5":

Imageimage uploading

First things first, screw on a lugnut, hold the hub against something solid and pound 3 of the 4 studs out.

Imageimage hosting

Place the dsm rotor over the hub and secure it with a lugnut, I keep an old one around for mockup:

Imagepicture host

Install your 31/64" bit and secure the hub/rotor setup to your drill press stand. Please don't try to hold the hub with one hand and drill with the other, that's just silly and down right dangerous. Take the extra time to secure it. I used various pieces of scrap metal and large C clamps. If you haven't figured it out yet the 31/64" bit is the same size as the hole in the rotor. This centers perfect. Slowly drill your first hole.

Imagepicture upload sites

Now take the nut and bolt and put it through the hole you just drilled and tighten them. This takes some of the pressure off of the one stud.

Imagefree upload

Now secure it back onto the drill press and drill the other 3 holes.

pic host

Now unbolt the rotor and knock the last stud out. I've found it's easier to open the holes up to 35/64" when drilling from the backside of the hub. Install the 35/64" bit and turn it backwards by hand until its centered in the 31/64" hole. Again using a few pieces of scrap to put under the face of the hub clamp it down. Now slowly open up the 4 holes using the larger bit. Press your studs back in and you're done. Repeat for the other hub.

Imagehow to print screen on pc

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Author:  89Mirageman [ Wed Oct 05, 2016 5:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: How to Re-drill 4 lug to 5 lug hubs

Also note. These hubs will work on a 3g but since the axle stub has a small lip on it for the seal, it pushes the hub out the width of that lip. I think its about 1/4". This isn't a huge deal but it does require you to space the caliper bracket out to compensate. The 4g and 5g mirage doesn't have this lip so the hub slides all the way on. I'm assuming the 92 mirage sedan didn't either since that's what these hubs are from.

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