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PostPosted: Tue Aug 17, 2004 11:48 am 
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Okay here is the deal; if you want to keep the height adjustment on you C10 turbo seat then follow #2 (but this isn't a done deal yet! be warned on this option), if you just want to get the seats in and have the same adjustments as the original C50 stock seats, meaning that you can tilt the back and adjust forward/rearward with the whole seat then follow #1.

#1 - C10 Turbo seat with C50 brackets assembly

So you finally picked up some C10 Turbo seats that have a better looking shape than the stock C50 style seats and no disco plaid cloth either. Using this setup you can install just the seat as if it was to move in only the directions that your original seats did.
You will need some original seat parts to make the swap complete - it helps if you already have access to color match trim - meaning you had *said* colour originally and the new C10 seats are *said* colour already too.

The seat bottom meaning the metal pressed form that all the foam and vinyl are clipped into has the same bolt pattern and spacings as do the seat bottom of the C10 turbo seat. This means that the full bracket assembly can be swapped over; included in the exact duplication are the two allen head bolts that hold the seat back in the tilt position and their spacings.

As always watch where you are putting your hands around coiled springs and the rail assembly, I can testify to that as it only takes one movement to chew skin!

Driver seat - this is the seat with height adjustment - but you will need to see the #2 section concerning what to do with that. I am assuming you want to straight bolt in and no modification (as can be potentially dangerous).
Support the seat on a large recycling bin or something to alleviate the angles that gravity play on the assembly with the seat face facing the ground. This makes holding the seat in a good position that much easier. Trust me on this one, the seat only tilts so far so as to make this easy.
-> If applicable, disconnect the seatbelt warning assembly at the floor clip before removing the C50 seat from your car
-> With the seat out of the car, remove all plastic trim from the seat bottom and keep the original seat slider button and the turbo tilt handle handy for reassembly.
-> Unclip the little wire that connects the two seat rail slider locks and remove it until reassembly of the seat.
-> Unbolt the four 12mm bolts that hold the rail assembly to the metal seat form on the seat bottom.
-> Unbolt the two silver colored allen head bolts that hold the tilt function in place.
-> Transfer the assembly to the turbo seat and bolt/screw the pieces back in using reverse order - you will have to use the Turbo tilt handle with the original C50 trim to fit onto the C50 bracket rail assembly - but the colors should match as stated above
-> Bolt back into the car and check for proper movement and function of the tilt assembly action.

Passenger seat - this seat has a kick slider button that will need one modification to make work - plug and play

-> Follow the driver seat instructions but first pay heed to the next writings below.

Extend the seat to it's flattest possible position before starting assembly - for the passenger seat - keep the seat rails locked in such a way the they don't swing forward as if the rear passenger had hit the black kick tab! This will alleviate the spring causing a neusance later on upon reassembly.

-> Just before full reassembly you will need to switch the rod with the nylok nut attached for the longer one that is sitting on the C50 rail assembly - the rod in question is attached and includes two rubber rings, right next to the tilt coil. Without the rod the rail brackets won't fit back into position to line up the allen head bolts due to the rod being too short on the turbo application - we're talking about and inch but the nut doesn't adjust this far. For those that are creative or don't have seats to pilfer parts from, you could fabricate a rod with bends and thread one end but that's alot of hassle.
-> Upon reinstallation check for proper movement and voila you have turbo seats that mimic all the original traits of the C50 stock setup.

If you want the turbo seat height adjustment, then you can try this .... see part #2

#2 C10 Turbo seats with C10 seat brackets and modified to accept C50 bottom half slider rails.

Dislcaimer this setup would allow you to keep the original bracketry on the C10 Turbo seats but would change the safety restraint to a degree that I cannot calculate. I will post this up only so that someone who is interested in trying this and is knowledgeable enough to try this and not endanger themself or their passenger by trying to do this. I do not have a rating for bolt shear stress and other variables that would be changed by doing the modifications mentioned below. You've been warned!!!!

-> Follow the directions from #1 as per disassembly and reassembly but at whichever point is easier, take the brackets aside and take a close look at the slider mechanism. The slider rail has two halves that are sandwiched together. The rail will be stopped by both the little rivets that are factory punched and the litttle metal slug that is between the tow rails. To swap these rails you would have to grind the rivet heads off and press out the remaining metal bits. I have yet to figure out how the little tab comes out that is holding the slug in between the two rails - if you look at the rails you will see what I am talking about.

In summation

I have made this work on a white Canadian model 1992 C52a 200e optioned car that had the original stock burgundy interior and seats with outer trim body kit. I have manual seat belts and have not tried the automatic variation as of yet. That having been said, the US style seatbelt assuming it is bolted to the floor or the seat bracket, will swap over just the same way mine did; you won't have to touch the seatbelt assembly if it is bolted to the C50 rail assembly. I hope this gives people some hunting material because everyone has until now had to compromise slightly in the looks department to fit in the C53a Turbo seats with disco cloth inserts; bleh when you have a rich burgundy interior! :wink: So, either go out and get the direct fit Elantra seats or find a rare C10 turbo and pull the seats to suit your tastes.

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Installed photos:

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