4g61t Introduction
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Author:  Guest [ Wed Dec 31, 1969 7:00 pm ]
Post subject:  4g61t Introduction

[b:2g1ydy08]1989 Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo and Dodge/Plymouth Colt GT[/b:2g1ydy08]

These were limited production cars (~1600) that were shipped to North America with a 1.6L(4g61t) turbocharged engine. The cars also came equipped with stiffer shocks/springs, larger front swaybar, appearance package, and sporty bucket seats. These cars are lightweight, and easily modifyable. Easily capable of 200+hp with the stock engine, and MUCH more with the 4G63 engine swap. The Canadian and U.S. version are nearly identical except for a few badging differences and the Canadian version has the better traditional seatbelts instead of the automatic seatbelts.

[b:2g1ydy08]What does 4g61t, 4g63t mean?[/b:2g1ydy08] (answer posted by Coltmax)
These numbers (4g61t and 4g63t) are types of mitsubishi engine.
The 4g61t was a turbocharged "T" of the 4g61 which is a DOHC 16valves 4 cylinders 1.6 liter. This engine came on the 1989 turbo Mirage/Colt and is pretty rare.

The 4g63t is i think the most popular mitsubishi engine. This turbocharged 2.0 liter 4 cylinder DOHC 16 valves is capable of incredible amount of horse power (600-800)full mod, but stock version was between 190 hp and 210 hp depending on the car model and pruduction year.

The 4g63t can be found on the turbo Eagle Talon, Turbo Eclipse, Turbo Laser, Mitsubishi Galant Vr4, And the Mitsubishi Lancers Evo series.

The non turbo of either the 4g61t and 4g63t is found in many hyundai cars.

In your case your car is a mitsubishi non turbo 1.5 liter which is 4g15.

Maybe im missing some models of cars that were equipped with 4g63t or 4g61t, but mainly this is it.

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